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From the safety and comfort of your home online or over the phone wherever you are benefit in your language from the most proeminent Urology team in Prostate Cancer Phototherapy.

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Fixed Line : +49 228 93 39 84 04
Mobile : +49 151 15 00 00 09 04
Mobile : +33 6 27 75 64 62

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The virtual walk-in clinic is the heart of our borderless activity. Our goal is to bring you an internationally recognized expertise of prostate cancer management while enjoying the safety and comfort of your home. Wherever you are, your language is not a problem and our team will manage to support you in the best possible way with the optimal medical advices.

Our clinical team is available for online consultation (virtual walking-in clinic) and also in two centers in Germany and in France. If you want a face-to-face consultation, the Practice in Paris is happy to welcome you to meet our internationally recognized expert team.

The Experts International Network (EIN), a unique worlwide Urologists/Radiologists network We have numerous reliable partners around the world all over Europe, the US, Latin America and also in the Middle East. If you are in one of those areas do not hesitate to contact us and we will adress you to the closest internationally recognized expert in prostate cancer management.