Our Team

Our Team

Internationally recognized in its expertise, our team has trained the totality of the centers able to performed of prostate cancer phototherapy throughout the US, Europe and Latin America. Meanwhile it has build an international network of very well-knowed Urologists in the most famous centers Urology center in the world.

Pr AR Azzouzi


Pr Abde-Rahmene Azzouzi, MD, PhD, is a a French board certified Urologist. After medical studies in Paris Diderot University, he left for Nancy University where he completed his Residency and Chief Residency. In 1999 he received his medical degree while obtaining a postgraduate degree in science on the genetic analysis of prostate cancer in Paris Saclay University. During his Chief Residency he brought one of the most famous radical prostatectomy technic (Barré-Chauveau) to the Brabois University Hospital in Nancy.

After achieving his full registration as Urologist in France, Pr AR Azzouzi left to England to pursue his research in prostate cancer in the University of Sheffield in the team of Pr FC Hamdy. After one year of research fellowship he became Clinical Senior Lecturer. During this period he achieved his PhD and defended his thesis on « Genetic Risk Factors of Prostatic Tumours » at Paris Saclay University.

Upon his return to France, he spent a year in the Department of Urology at La Pitié-Salpétriêre Hospital in Paris before joining the Department of Urology of Angers Teaching Hospital. After one year he held the Angers University Chair in Urology and two years later became Head of the Department of Urology for 10 years.

Since 2008, Pr AR Azzouzi has been fully involved in the development of the Prostate Photodynamic Therapy Treatment. He has taken part to all the studies on the topic until publishing the first randomized clinical trial in prostate focal therapy in Lancet Oncology in 2017. During this period, he has trained to his technique more 50 teams around the world mainly in Europe and the US. Eventually since 2017 Pr AR Azzouzi has been expert for the IMI program for the European Commission on the topic of prostate cancer.

Dr Stefan Carl


Dr Stefan Carl is a German board certified Urologist. He completed his medical studies in the University of Heidelberg before starting his residency in the same University. While in his in his fourth year of medical studies, Dr Carl spent a full year in France in the Medical School of the University of Montpellier.

Dr Carl passed his Board examination in Karlsruhe in 1999 to become Consultant Urologist in the Department of Urology in Heidelberg. The same year he succeeded at the European Board of Urology examination.

For about 20 years, Dr Carl has settled in his private practice in Emmendingen where he has been very much involved in the Urological healthcare of his patients at he county hospital of Emmendingen as well as the Kreiskrankenhaus-Emmendingen where the Prostatherapy International Center of Excellence has recently started its activity.

Dr Carl is an experienced and recognized Consultant Urologist who has been involved in the development of minimally invasive treatments of localized prostate cancer for many years. After developing an important activity of brachytherapy he has actively participated to the development program of the Prostate Photodynamic Therapy for more than 8 years. Within the Prostatherapy International Center of Excellence team, Dr Carl becomes on of the world’s leader of the Prostate Photodynamic Therapy Technique and more broadly of focal therapy in localized prostate cancer.

Dr Marc Galiano


Dr. Marc Galiano MD is a French board certified Urologist – Andrologist – Oncologist.

He completed all his medical studies in Paris and held the position of Chief Resident at the Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital. During his training, he perfected his laparoscopic radical prostatectomy skills beside Dr R Gaston and Dr T Pieachaud and graduated from ICARD. Dr Galiano worked during 12 years at the famous Montsouris Institute as full Consultant where he was amongst the very first to perform robot-assisted prostatectomy procedures in France with Professor G Vallencien and gained a huge experience in laparoscopic and robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. In the same institution, he developed the focal therapy program for the treatment of localized prostate cancer with Dr E Barret. As part of the Senior Team of the Montsouris Institute, Dr Galiano has participated to the training of generations of foreign fellows in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy.

In 2007, to complete his clinical experience, Dr Galiano graduated in Andrology from Descartes University in Paris. Recently he published the book « Mon Sexe et Moi » on the general public on men’s sexuality by the Marabout edition.

In the Andrology surgical field, Dr Galiano is a very respected expert specialized in the treatment of erectile dysfunction by electroshock waves therapy and surgical treatment with penile implants.

As for the prostate adenoma management, in France, Dr Galiano is the pioneer and a recognized expert of a very interesting and innovative  technique by water steam vapor (REZUM).

Since 2018, Dr Marc Galiano is established in his own practice in the Quartier Latin and operates at the Alma clinic in the heart of Paris. Most of his huge clinical experience concerns prostate surgery and andrological surgery.

Dr Stefan Spaniol


Dr Stefan Spaniol studied physics at Saarland University and the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany. After graduating as a physicist with a focus on laser physics and quantum optics in 1989, he worked for 2 years at the University Women’s Hospital in Bonn in the field of clinical laser research. With a topic on the application of lasers in the photodynamic therapy of tumours, he received his doctorate in 1996 at the Institute of Applied Physics in Bonn under Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ertmer.

Since 1995, Dr Spaniol has worked for various medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. Together with colleagues, he founded the company biolitec AG in 1999 and LifePhotonic in 2011 and can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the management of medical technology companies. Since then, he has been involved in the development and application of lasers, light guides and pharmaceuticals in various medical fields with a focus on photodynamic therapy.

From 2011 to 2021, Dr Spaniol worked for Steba biotech on the topic of photodynamic therapy for prostate cancer in various roles: from participation in the phase III registration trial to marketing. During this time, he trained surgical teams in more than 10 countries and supervised several hundred treatments.