Video 1 : Where is the prostate ?

What is the prostate ?

The prostate is a gland located in the pelvis at the crossroads of the urinary and male reproductive systems (video 1). After 50 years, the prostate becomes an organ which needs to be watched. It is mostly due to urinary symptoms but also to the fear of developing a prostate cancer. Even if the first concern of a consultation for lower urinary tract symptoms is the fear to develop a prostate cancer, there is absolutely no relation between a prostatic adenoma causing urinary symptoms and the onset of a prostatic cancer.

To better understand how to apprehend your urinary symptoms and the potential risk of having a prostate cancer they are few knowledge you need to gather to better assess where do you stand regarding prostate diseases.

A gland

Indeed the prostate is a gland constituted by glands, connective tissue and muscular fibers. The prostate tends to increase in size with age.

Anatomy of the prostate

Located in the pelvis, the prostate stands below the bladder, behind the pubic bone, in front of the rectum and above the muscular pelvic floor.

Role of male hormones

Male hormones are named androgens. Testosterone and Di-Hydrotestosterone (DHT) are amongst the best know amongst them.