Our mission

To shed a new light for the patient to reach a deep understanding of his disease in order to decide by himself what treatment fits best to his deep aspirations.

Our vision

The knowledge gathered during decades and the surge of new technologies is a decisive advantage in the battle against prostate cancer and also its overtreatment.

The prostate

What is the prostate ?

Almost every men above 50 years will hear about the prostate by his family, close friends or doctor. prostatherapy.com intends to give you all the necessary basic knowledge to better understand the role of this small organ located in the pelvis. To know how a prostate become pathological you need first to know their normal aspect and function. 


A worldwide recognized team dedicated to advise you in your best health interest

Prostate Cancer

Everything you need to know about prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most frequent cancer with one out of ten men developing the disease during his lifetime. For more than a century Urologists, Radiotherapists, Oncologists and researchers have patiently gathered deep knowledge of almost every facet of this disease and the way it should be managed. You may be surprised by some aspects of prostate cancer.


Prostate Cancer Treatments

During this last 20 years prostate cancer has seen many revolutions either int he field of localized or metastatic disease. In surgery with laparoscopy or robotic, in radiotherapy with innovative equipments or brachytherapy, the oncological approach has eventually arisen with many different molecules and focal therapy is taking ground in early prostate cancer. However with all this therapeutic arsenal the reality of overtreatment is casting its shadow on some of the patients and the thoughful sentence of Hippocrates is more relevant thane ever. Primum non nocere.

Your Choice

Your Cancer. Your Choice.

In the diagnostic and therapeutic decision process the place of the patient has become of utmost importance. As experts, our role is more to bring the necessary knowledge to reach a level of understanding that allows every patient to be autonomous in his decision whatever the stage of the disease. In the patient-doctor relation perspective, the 21th century has to be more that of the patients than the doctors.